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Pro-X Professional 150Wh Li-ion V-lock Battery with USB & D-tap
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Pro-X Professional 150Wh Li-ion V-lock Battery with USB & D-tap
Pro-X Professional 150Wh Li-ion V-lock Battery with USB & D-tap, output to 10Amp.
LG Cell / Duracase High Impact Outer Case.
Ideal battery for cameraman where power and weight is the highest priority
Internal protection circuits monitor cell balance, temperature, over charge and over discharge to insure safe and proper operation - Output current up to 10A.
Highest capacity Lithium Ion battery pack that can be legally transported without restrictions under IATA, ICAO, and UN regulations.
4-LED Power Gauge for quick capacity status indication.
Perfect protection circuit
Buit-in multi-function protection circuit. Offer overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, outside circuit short and non-equilibrium in unconventional situation.
Industry standard Power Tap Mount
Povide the Ultralight Power supply directly, adapt to PRO-X series traveling chargers through this Power Tap Mount.
All PRO-X Brick batteries have an incorporated power port so you can power virtually any 12VDC device. 
Those who have cameras which limit the current output to the on-board port can now simply tap into the battery.
USB Port
PRO-X launch the first battery with unique USB port in the field. 
The USB supplies 5V DC power for other devices, such as smartphones, PDAs or other mobile electronic products. 
Connect with wireless receiver Mount through the fixed hole in the battery’s crust. The battery fits most wireless receiver.
High Compability
Compable with all PRO-X chargers with the same mount. 
Type - GP-L150B 
Mount Type - V Lock 
Rated Capacity - 150 Wh 
Nominal Voltage - 14.8 V 
Output - up to 10Amp
Operating temperature -  -30 - 55°C 
Dimensions (DxWxH) - 148mm × 97mm × 52mm 
Weight (kg) - 0.98 kg 
4-Stage LED Power Gauge
All PRO-X Brick batteries have a 4-stage LED Power Gauge so you can quickly refer to the charge status of the battery in 25% increments 
Warranty: 12 months from date of purchase.
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