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Wondlan EL01 Elfin Mini Stabilizer
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Wondlan EL01 Elfin Mini Stabilizer

Wondlan EL01 Elfin Mini Stabilizer


The "Elfin", Wondlan's Aluminum Mini Stabilizer, is a great auxiliary tool to reduce shaking while filming a video. It incorporates a smart floating feel mechanism.

With delicate, classic appearance, it's easy and stylish to carry. With its innovative design, It helps the cinematographer achieve high flexibility and all-around stable shootings.

The Max. payload capacity of Wondlan "Elfin" Mini Stabilizer is 1.8 kg (4 Lbs). The "Elfin" is compatible with a wide range of cameras including the Canon 5D Mark, Nikon D700 and most domestic DV cameras. The load capacity of the similar products in the market is usually only up to 1kg. The "Elfin" Mini Stabilizer is made of strengthened aluminum alloy. It weighs only 0.95kg.



  • (1) The DV screw is made of 1/4" stainless steel. It is used to lock the DSLR and DV equipment directly on the stabilizer.
  • (2) The Universal handle components are the main damping elements of stabilizer. When an operator moves the handle, the blalnce is kept by a universal ball joint which counteracts with inertia, in a simillar way as a gyroscope.
  • (3) The Handle was ergonomicly designed and made of high-strength ABS. It is excellent for anti-skidding and offers a comfortable and flexible grip. Inside the handle, it features a spring to prevent unnecessary shocks, so that you will be able to shoot even while running
  • (4) Adjust the balance pivot front and back via the lock bolt
  • (5) Adjustment of left and right balance is achived by the left and right balance bar; when adjustments are finished, do not forget to lock the fastening screw before using the "Elfin"
  • (6) Adjustment of front and back gravity: the bottom of the product is the place for placing and adjusting the counterweight. You can adjust and fix it according to the size and weight of your camera configuration until it reaches the perfect balance.


Weight:                      0.95kg
Material:                    Copper, aluminium alloy, ABS
Size:                           203mm x 241mm x 300mm
Load bearing:          0.2kg - 1.8kg
Bearing Springs:     Two styles; Light one bearing 0.2-1kg; Heavy one bearing 1-1.8kg (can be changed freely)
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