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Pro-X XP-L230 RED High capacity Lithium Ion battery
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Pro-X XP-L230 RED High capacity Lithium Ion battery
[XP-L230 RED]

Pro-X XP-L230 RED High capacity Lithium Ion battery

Exclusive feature in communicating with Red One Camera for % Data and including all the same features of XP digital batteries.
Designed to meet the demands of heavy duty power applications, the XP-L230RED will deliver unrivaled performance.

Internal protection circuits monitor cell balance, temperature, over charge and over discharge to insure safe and proper operation.

Best power to weight ratio in the industry . 

PRO-X RED batteries are compatible with RED chargers. 
You can use your existing RED One charger or PRO-X XC RED series chargers. 

Capacity: 195Wh (14.8V, 13.2Ah)
Size: 3.8" x 5.87" x 2.75"
Weight: 1.4kG
Nominal Runtime (25W): 7.6hrs

 Lithium Ion Batteries less than 100Wh: You can safely carry on-board an unlimited amount of spare batteries, provided you take safety precautions and cover any exposed terminals with tape or put them in an insulated plastic bag.What PRO-X batteries can I carry-on ? Listed below are the PRO-X batteries not affected by the IATA regulations these are all rated below 100Wh, which means you can carry-on an unlimited amount of spare batteries provided you follow the correct safety precautions.Here is a list of PRO-X Lithium Batteries and their Wh rating:

NP-L60 65Wh     NP-L70 71Wh     GP-L90B 98Wh    GP-L90AB 98Wh   XP-L60S 65Wh 
XP-L60A 65Wh   XP-L70V 71Wh   XP-L90S 98Wh    XP-L90A 98Wh      XP-L95RED 95Wh  
XP-POWER 98Wh  XP-POWER RED 98W   Intellicom90S 98Wh    Intellicom90A 98Wh

ProX will soon be releasing a newly developed 200Wh Battery Pack which will conform to the new regulations and provide a higher output.

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